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Gaia art freebies
 So I did a lot of free art one day for some Gaia people, and here's what I did!
And I hope to open up an art shop soon! I'm just not sure on the prices yet...
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 I just want to make a post of things that make me happy 

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Me on Halloween!
Hello! Did everyone have a good Halloween? Not much happened for me but dressing up was fun!
<3 <3 <3
I basically was a cat. I went on Omegle and acted like a dork.
....it was weird. and fun.

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Random images from my life.
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Will's birthday!
Lot's of effort put into birthday stuff, as usual! hehehe

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What I've been up to
Sooooo I thought I'd make a post of some things I've made.  Okay, so I've really just draw a picture, made this pixel, and wanted to show how my little flower plant has been growing. Sorry for this being on it's side.....

And theres my baby:

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Anime club idea.

 So uhm, I thought I'd take a break from constantly blogging about my life to make something that actually might be a bit interesting. If I knew anything about web design, I'd put information like this available on separate pages that I could modify with what I've learned. As you might know if you've known me for a while, I've tried my best to be fairly involved with my high school's anime club because, well, I used to be 100% obsessed with anime and manga. Now, though I've calmed down, I'm still very passionate about Japanese visual culture and I still have this desire to show people just how quality it really is. I mean, really, I'm using a Japanese blogging service for very few reason. My only reason for doing so is because the aesthetics have much more appeal to me. It's petty, but it makes me happy. 

At my college in Missouri, we have an anime club that I don't think does what I feel an anime club should do. This is entirely my opinion, so there's no point of me complaining when there are others who do enjoy it. Upon further evaluation of what I personally would do, it has occurred to me that I want something else entirely. The club here is actually considered for animation as a whole, or at least that's what their name presents. They do not seem to be taken seriously at this school as an official organization, and I've been told they would like to change that. Truly, I am on a completely different level with them. I don't dislike them at all, actually, though I guess it seems that way from what I'm saying here. I just have such different views that it would be wrong of me to change a club that obviously doesn't agree with me on countless points. 

And with that in mind, it would be wonderful if I could get the importunity to start one myself once I'm a sophomore and feel like I have the experience and resources. 

To be frank, I'm slow. I'm  VERY       SLO   W. I just take forever to do anything, and that's in my nature. I'm also one who rushes things. I don't have balance. I am only one or another. So, in respect of those qualities, I would want to get as much done in advance as possible.

These are some ideas I've had, and it would be great to get some feedback or input.

The animation club meets once a week for 3 hours. I would like to base my ideas on this timeframe and meet time.

First of all, I want this club to be founded on some simple principles that everyone can agree with: Comfort, Content, and Food.
Yes, I want to have some food provided every meeting I can. 

Comfort: sounds sort of silly,  doesn't it? But it's important that the environment is proper for a good meeting. This includes well-behaved members, a proper location, places to sit and even lay down, dimmed lighting or the lights off with a few weak lights present. This is a college, so many people are living in cramped spaces having to deal with other people interfering with their personal time to enjoy things they want. Such a bothersome or non-relaxed environment makes even the best shows seem like shit. It might be ambitious to bring (and ask people to bring) pillows, cozy chairs, blankets, and even mattresses to the meeting for themselves or others, but I think it's an idea worth giving a shot. 

Food: I feel like this is going to be giving me the most trouble. It also means I'm gonna have to learn how to cook....
When I say food, it sounds as if I'm providing some sort of huge meal for everyone and as nice as that sounds, there's really no way I can do that. This is something that everyone can participate in, but I don't want anyone to feel obligated. A humble set of snacks shouldn't be too hard to have once a week if there's somewhere to make them (or buy them) and the resources are available. Let's take for example, I have popcorn scheduled. There is only one way I'll probably prepare it, but I'll most likely separate out the popcorn and season it different ways, and maybe add different things. It's not hard, but it provides some selection and variety that usually wouldn't be there. Along with some stuff to drink, and you've really got everything someone coming to watch something might want. Of course, snack foods that I simple unwrap aren't all that's going to be there every time, but more foodlike items I want to have available also. I also would have plates and cups and such, obviously, and any person who wants to contribute something can as much as they want. It would be a good idea to mention what's going to be eaten the time before, so that people know what they could make in advance if they wanted to. It would be nice to have some meetings where the food corresponds with the content of what is watched. 

Content: Here's what those other two are here for. The content is so, so, so, SO important. It's a straightforward idea, we're just going to show anime, right? Right! But there's a certain art to showing anime that one might not realize. So we've got this movie theatre atmosphere going on with free concessions, but what are we going to watch for 3 hours? Well, to get rid of some of the fears I think people have, there will be breaks between each movie or show, because how else are people going to get food without bothering people? It would be nice to show something during the breaks that is short and hopefully interesting, like clips from children's anime or just silly Youtube videos of Japanese things. 
I would like every meeting to work with a central theme, and I would like to try my hardest to make sure there's an equal amount of female-targeted  works and male-targeted works. The Youtube videos I mentioned earlier can tie into that theme. Luckily, this is something I can prepare even right now, a year in advance. Although, I would want to have anime that is new along with the old, so I guess I would have to look for those closer to time. Because of the amount of time, we can even watch movies! This is good because there's just too many quality anime movies out there to miss. The anime should be confirmed as available to watch without interference. While suggestions are open, they may not be taken into account until a day of that theme arrives. 

Some other stuff: Every meeting will be opened with an overview of what we're going to watch, and what's there to eat. If anyone has anything they'd like to say to the club, then this would be their time. There will be a description of every show along with any warnings about the content if needed. It would be nice to have a Twitter or Facebook set up to help inform people about meetings and such as quick as possible. Unlike the other club, it really doesn't matter if the school recognizes us or not, but that doesn't mean I won't find people in charge of those matters to see if we can, because funding for food and such would be amazing.

Before the first meeting: Flyers, Facebook, and pretty much every possible way of letting people know about the club should be done. Personally, I think a recognizable logo would be great to have. It's important to meet and keep in touch with people, because you never know who could provide us with a nice place to meet. Of course, figuring out a solid place to meet for at least the first 5 meetings is imperative. 

At the first meeting: At this point, a meet time should be set. Fairly expected stuff; letting people know where the people in charge can be contacted, giving out information and where to get information when they need it, how meetings will usually go and all of that stuff. It would be wonderful to have a calendar to pass out to help people decide if they'd like to attend the meetings. If that doesn't take up all of the time and people seem to still be interested, maybe do some sort of icebreaker/meeting game to make the meeting more fun so people want to attend next time! At the very end, if it seems like people still don't mind staying, watch an episode or two of something everyone seems to like and end the meeting with that. If it seems people want to talk, just let them all know about the next meeting, and end it there so they can talk among themselves afterward. Killing people's excitement and forcing them to quiet down when they don't want to is pointless and will put people against you. It'd be cool if the money was there to have something nice to eat like a few boxes of pizza or something, but if I'm as poor as I am now...

You've probably noticed this plan is void of grand concepts such as attending a convention, cosplay events and art contests, and a lot of other stuff that seems pretty possible with a dedicated set of folks. It's risky to start those things without a strong foundation. It's just like learning something when you're not well versed on the basics. Though things like this would be awesome, I just want a place to hang out and enjoy anime to it's fullest. I would rather leave all of the work and planning for stuff like that up to the members and other people in charge who feel like they have the time, money, and effort for it all. I just want the basis of the club to be perfectly put together, and I just don't have it in me to go much farther than that, though I understand the desire to. The short answer to all of this is that it'll come later, and that I don't want to get carried away. 

And there it is, my silly grand dreams of a club that I can only hope other people will like and maybe even help me with.

(Also I've been letting myself collect ideas and get carried away over here:

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Libra birthday!

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I know no one really reads this blog. I mean, a few people say they have, but I really don't have proof of that and no one really talks about it more than that. 
Anyway, you've probably noticed these posts have been very few and very shitty. No, really, they could be better. But I should probably just give up this blog for a while, since I just don't feel emotionally up to it and lack the time now. It really sucks, because it's nothing against making posts here or anything, I'm just not doing very well right now. I'm really sorry if you liked this blog, because I did to. But when the only things I want to do on here is vent about people and probably make them very angry if I did so, it's really time for me to step back and return when I'm ready to make something much more pleasant and worthwhile. I can't apologize enough to you all and my past self for breaking my promises to continue with this blog. 

I may mess with a few things on here, but I don't think I'll be making any well-prepared posts anymore. It takes a lot of effort and while it's okay if no one appreciates that, when I can't be satisfied in the work then I just shouldn't be wasting my time. I'm not sure me not posting here will be much of a loss for anyone, no one reads blogs anymore, anyway. 

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